Pre-Booked Ski Slot Trial for June @ 3rd Jun 2010

In an effort to accommodate a handful of members who may not have the luxury of having time available to head down to the lake, add their name to the ski-list and wait around until their turn we are trialing a daily pre-booked slot for the month of June. There will be one ski-slot available to pre-book each day, at 7pm during the week and 1.45pm on weekends. To book a ski-slot a member places a named ski-ticket on the wall-chart above the ski-list in the club house. Have a read through the rules below.

This system is intended to help out members who rarely get to use the club because of time commitments and we hope it will serve them well. After the trial has run for the month of June the committee will review its use and decide whether it will continue. If you have any feedback then let a committee member know or email the secretary (details on the Contact Us page).

Rules for Pre-Booked Slot Trial, June 2010

- To book the ski slot you simply place a normal ski ticket on the date you want to ski (min 2 days in advance). This reserves the 7.00pm or 1.45pm ski time for you. If you cannot make the pre-booked session or you arrive very late, you will have missed your slot and your ski ticket is forfeited, (so be on the dock, ready to ski, at 7.00pm).

- You can ski again on the same night by using the traditional queue system i.e. after you have taken you ski you can put your name down in the ski book as usual.

- If you cannot ski due to inclement weather conditions......unlucky!

- If you cannot ski due to a problem with the boat, or the driver, the issue can be resolved at the discretion of the committee.

- Please do not pre-book a ski unless you genuinely need to, as this will prevent those members who need this pre-booked arrangement to ski, from getting time on the water.

- You can only place one ticket at a time on the calendar, you can book another slot when your current slot has expired
- If you are letting someone else have your appointment, you must make the driver aware of this before the date you are due to ski.

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