Fuel Prices Catch Up With Us @ 16th Apr 2010

After two years of maintaining the same ski ticket price we've finally had too many pinches put on us by the cost of gas so we're having to up the cost of ski tickets this year.

You will remember that the cost per set for a member last season was 5.50 (or 5 if bought in bulk). This year we're adding an extra 50p so prices will be 6.00 (or 5.50 if bought in bulk).

In addition, as the cost for visitors has remained unchanged for even longer (and bearing in mind that our primary function as a ski club is to serve our members!) we have also increased our visitors price per set from 15 to 17 (12 to 13 for under 18's).

You'll be glad to hear that this still remains one of the best-value clubs on our island, something we're keen to maintain.

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