Janet Storms the Europeans @ 4th Sep 2008

Last week saw Janet Gray compete in the European Disabled Waterski Championships in Recetto, Italy in what turned out to be an epic trip...

The trip started not so well with the hotel Janet was staying in burning down, resulting in loss of luggage and clothes from our sporting hero.

And if this wasn't enough, during practice Janet hurt her arm (all she said was that it was sore). She was told that she had to compete due to the Italian team being very strong...

The results: in slalom Janet was knocked out in round one ( she could not reach on buoys 2 4 6), in tricks she came 3rd and in jump all that she needed for gold was 0.3 meters.

She came home with a bronze, in jump, bronze in tricks and a team gold.

Oh yes and the sore arm, it turns out it is broken so not bad result altogether!

All at Meteor WaterSki Club would like to congratulate Janet on yet another successful competition and wish her a speedy recovery with her arm. What a trooper!

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