Meteor August Slalom Challenge @ 2nd Sep 2018

Six members went head-to-head during August and it was a very competitive month with great results by all.
July's 'Slalom Supremo', Rory equalled his season's best score with 3@16/58. Barry was again impressively consistent in getting to 2@14/55, almost on every outing. Jason casually dropped in and with natural talent effortlessly scored 2@16/55.
All these results were good, but three results stood out from the rest.
Ivan, who every month has been making small steps forward, broke out of 16m and moved into the 14m line and scored 2@14/55.
Des, who was our May 'Slalom Supremo' has made startling progress this season and moved into his first shortening, achieving a stunning score of 3@16/55.
The final member, who has posted more slalom scores this year than anyone else is Jonathan. Back in early June he posted a score of 2@16/55 and since then has faltered at the 4th buoy on so many occasions. In August Jonathan eventually broke through the glass ceiling and proudly and cheerfully posted a score of 5@16/55, not once - but twice.

Ivan and Des both deserve great credit for their August achievements, but it is Jonathan, with his dogged determination and tenacity in breaking past his score of 4 on the 14m line, who is the Meteor August 'Slalom Supremo'.

PS the September sheet is now posted on the clubhouse window, if your not in you can't win!

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