July Meteor Slalom Challenge @ 6th Aug 2018

With all the stunning weather during the month there were many stunning slalom results.
10 members took part in the July Slalom challenge.

Most of us have to constantly practice and work hard at trying to get to grips with the 6 buoy course, but for some it appears to comes naturally (envy), such as:- Jason who casually dropped in for a couple of skis and posted a superb score of 4@16m-55, and a big welcome back to Robert Kee who on his first outing coolly found 4 buoys @52.

Lizzy continues to scare the buoys/boys (it's only a play on words - honest)! Robby has been making steady progress all season and achieved 2@55.

For some the chance of shortening to 16m is tantalisingly close. Colin posted a season's best sore to date of 4@55 and Des for the second consecutive month scored 6@55, but for Jonathan 16m is his normal run, again scoring 4@16m55 and working on a plan as to how to ski around the snag at buoy no.4.

Two members scored on the 14m line. Ivan, a slow burner this season ramped things up and scored 1 @14m55 while Barry, who wins the consistency prize for the month scored 2@14m55 every time,7 times in all!

Rory started the month well with an early score of 6@55, but seemed to get stuck at this until 27th of the month when he advanced to 3@58. Not content with this he went out on the final day of the month and posted a cracking score of 3@16m58.

So the JULY SLALOM SUPREMO for the month is RORY RANKIN.
Well done to all.

The challenge is open to all members no matter what standard, so join in and post your scores.

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