June Meteor Slalom Challenge @ 7th Jul 2018

A total of 11 club members were brave enough to post their slalom scores for all to see! It has been a most difficult month to select a winner.
We had Jason who casually dropped in and posted a hot score of 3@16; Robby who ran a 52 and who is thankfully back to fitness after dislocating his shoulder last year; Lizzy, who is making great headway and improvements in slaloming; Rory who has changed to a hard shell and is making good progress, equalling his brother's score of 6@52.

There were 4 skiers who were all in the running. Des, who keeps improving and posted a score of 6@55; Ivan, who is well on his way to bigger things with a score of 4@16 55; Jonathan, who consistently ran into 16m every time, best score 4@16 55; Barry who has moved into 14m - 1/2-55.

They all deserve great credit in their efforts.

So the 'Meteor Slalom Supremo' for the month of June is for the first time ever is a shared accolade. Congratulations Des, Ivan, Jonathan & Barry.

P S - The July sheets are now posted, so come on skiers let's have an out-and-out July winner!

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