Meteor Slalom Event @ 30th Jun 2017

Sunday 2nd July is Meteor's turn to host a round of the Slalom league. We invite all members who dare put on a slalom ski to come on down and have a go! It's a 3 round slalom PB comp i.e. you ski against your personal best score and others against theirs, so it's open to all standards. Mini course for those who are just starting out!

Ideally you will stay the day, ski 3 rounds and enjoy the atmosphere, but if you need to cut short you can do so. We are charging Meteor members a ski ticket per round to participate (great value). For non-Meteor competitors the entry fee is £30. It is a requirement of the IWWF that all competitors must be licenced, the cost of a 1 day licence is only £10 and can be purchased on the day. We aim to start at 9.30am with the first skier and skiers will be slotted in as the morning progresses.

Hopefully see you Sunday!

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