EGM Reminder @ 20th Jun 2017

In accordance with the club's constitution, notice is hereby given that the club committee has called for an EGM on Tuesday 20th June, 7.30pm in the clubhouse.

The reason for the meeting is to discuss the committee's proposal that the club should reduce the current liability risk to all club members, by changing the current unincorporated association status of Meteor Water Ski Club to that of a company limited by guarantee.

Currently we are 'an association of members' and in the event of a claim or litigation, there is the potential that ALL MEMBERS could incur personal liability. The change to a company 'Limited by Guarantee' would considerably minimise members personal liability and associated financial risks.


- To set out and explain the current risks to members and the benefits of changing to a Company Limited by Guarantee.

- To set out and explain the process and what is involved in changing to a Company Limited by Guarantee.

- To decide on setting up the club as a Company Limited by Guarantee.

- To agree to dissolve the current club association.

- To agree to transfer the club assets to a Company Limited by Guarantee.

- To agree a name for the company.

- To agree the number and names of directors.

To agree that during the time required to set up the company, that the committee be given approval and authority to administer the transition and the set up of a Company Limited by Guarantee.

- Any Other Business in connection with the above.

Only items on the agenda will be discussed at the meeting.

Decisions at the meeting will be by simple majority with no proxy voting allowed. Voting will be by a show of hands unless at least 1/5th of the members present request a secret ballot. Only skiing members 16 years or more on 1st December may vote.

If in the meantime any member wishes to raise any point or would like any further clarification, please contact the club secretary or any committee member. Any such points or requests should be raised within the next week.

Meteor Water Ski Club

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