New Membership Applications @ 24th Jan 2015

New Membership Applications

We are now currently accepting new membership

Becoming a member of MWSC this year provides great benefits such as -

* The one-off club joining fee, which is normally an additional 75% of the relevant membership subscription, has been abated for this year.

* Skiing for members costs much less per ski than skiing as a visitor.

* Members can ski when there is a club driver in attendance which, during the early-May to mid-Sept season, is normally Monday - Friday,6.45pm to dusk + Saturday & Sunday afternoons 1.45pm - 5pm.

* The number of skis a member can have is unlimited over the season,whereas visitors are limited to six skis per season.

* Members can avail of club coaching courses and other club activities

If you are interested in joining, please have a look at the available membership categories under the 'membership' tab of our website:

There you will also find a link to submit a membership application, or if you prefer, simply send an email of enquiry to:

Whether you decide to become a member, or ski as a visitor, we hope to see you at Meteor at some stage in the future.

Meteor Water Ski Club

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