Boat Repairs & Extended Drivers Rota @ 22nd Aug 2014

Repairs to the boat engine are well underway, however some critical parts (piston, valves, cylinder head gasket etc) are required and these have had to be sourced. Most of these have already been obtained and the rest should arrive in the next couple of days. All being well, we are hoping the repairs will be completed and the boat will be back in the lake around the last weekend in August.

Extended Drivers Rota
Due to the down-time in club skiing for part of August, the evening and weekend drivers’ rota, which was due to finish on 13 September, will be extended by 3 weeks until 4 October. As the evenings will be getting shorter at this time of year, the extended drivers’ rota will commence at the earlier time of 5.30pm.

Keep your eye on this website for updates…

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