Definitive Guide to Our LPG System @ 18th May 2011

Thanks to Jonnie for putting down in writing exactly how the LPG system works and what the different lights and light intensities mean we now have a page in the members area that describes in detail what to look out for. Go to the members area and click on the 'Boat Driving' page.

For those who want to save a few clicks, here's what it says:

The gas system is monitored and controlled from the electronic gauge shown in the picture. Essentially the LPG system works in one of two ways: permanent-petrol mode or dual-fuel mode. Dual-fuel mode means that when the engine is warm it will burn gas and when the engine is too cold for gas (e.g. when taking the boat off the mooring) it will automatically use petrol instead. The club boat should always be run in dual-fuel mode.

You can tell which mode the gas-system is running in by the intensity of the orange light (a). When shining brightly it is running in dual-fuel mode. When dim it is running in petrol-only mode.

To switch between modes, press the raised 'P' button (c) in the centre of the gauge once. The orange light will change intensity.

The arc of green and red lights (b) indicate the level of LPG in the gas tank but will only light up when the system is in dual-fuel mode (so they are a good indicator that the boat is running in dual-fuel mode). When just the red light shows (and no green ones) the LPG tank is empty and the boat will burn petrol until the gas tank is filled.

Ordinarily drivers will not need to fiddle with the gas system as it should always be left in dual-fuel mode, however if the battery is disconnected or somebody accidentally knocks the 'P' button on the gauge, the system will run in permanent-petrol mode and will need to be switched back to dual-fuel mode

Here's how the system should work on a typical day at the club:

- Driver starts boat from cold on the mooring - orange light (a) shines brightly

- Boat runs on petrol for a few minutes until:

- Engine is warm enough to switch to gas - red and green arc (b) lights up - engine is now burning gas

If the red and green arc does not light up in the last step, you're running in permanent-petrol mode, press the 'P' switch (c) once to switch to dual-fuel.

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