New members

Meteor's membership is capped at a maximum of 65 members, however members do come and go, so non-members are always welcome to apply for membership of the club. If the maximum number of members is reached then successful applicants will be put on a waiting list until there is room in the club for them.

Of course, non-members can use the clubs facilities by way of open nights and bookings but membership of the club brings the advantage of being able to hit the water any day of the week and the price per ski for members adds another benefit!

Successful applicants pay a joining fee of 0% (currently withheld, normal rate is 75%) of the relevant annual subscription on top of their annual subscription. The annual subscription rates are shown below.

Annual Subscriptions

Adult Member (21 years or older on 1st Jan):£ 315
First Family Member:£ 315
Second Family Member:£ 165
Third and Subsequent Family Members:£ 85
Young Adult Member (16 to 21 inclusive on 1st Jan):£ 195
Junior Member (under 16 on 1st Jan):£ 155
Student Member (bona fide full time student 16 to 25 inclusive on 1st Jan):£ 195
Senior Member:£ 250 (70-74), £210 (75-79), £105 (£80+)
Associate Member:£ 25

How to apply

We like to encourage those wishing to join the club to come down on an Open Night to meet a few members and have a chat about joining the club. While there you can hand in a completed application form which you can print from here.