Sinking Jump Anchors

Photos from 4th June 2011 when 8 used train wheels were sunk as new anchors for the ski jump. 2 train wheels for each anchor with each wheel weighing in at a quarter tonne.

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Ivan and Chris next to a jump anchor ready to be lifted and brought out for sinking Peter, Chris and Jools at the back of the lifting rig to counter-balance the anchor hanging off the front Click to view photo Chris, Cormac and Jools backing out the rig to head for the jump site Heading for the jump site Brian and Ivan get the next anchor ready
Brian looks on as Peter, Jools and Cormac position the boat for the next anchor Brian looks on as Peter, Jools and Cormac prepare for the next anchor, while others enjoy the water Liam surveys the work A skier passes by the worksite Carl, Liam, Cormac, Chris and Brian