The Pole Party

Pictures from the work party on Saturday 26th July '08 when the new telegraph poles were erected for the Splash Eye ski jump measuring system. Helping out were Barry Rankin, Brian Johnston, Chris Elder, Colin Fair, Des Robinson, Jack Anderson, Johnathan Guy, Jonny Crawford, Peter Hinds, Robbie Moore, Robert Kee (members) and Johnny Cook (regular visitor). The sites had been prepared previously by Chris Murphy, Jack Anderson and Steve Scott. A much appreciated lunch was provided by Kathryn Elder and Tracy McCann.

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Jack, Jonathan G, Robert K, Peter, Jonny Crawford, Colin, Brian, Johnny Cook and Robbie inspect the A-frame after hauling it up-right. Jack, Jonny Crawford, Jonathan, Robert, Colin, Peter, Brian, Johnny Cook and Robbie peering into the hole. Brian and Peter discuss moments, torque and cups of tea while the rest of the team prepare to lift the second pole to it's site. Colin, Robert, Jonathan and Robbie watch Jonny perform circus tricks. Jonny's new-found confidence in Queen's Engineering know-how. The team looks on with increasing anxiety as Jonny hoists himself ever closer to a limb-breaking fall.
The first pole slots into it's pre-prepared hole. Mastercraft Ireland supply the raw power for dropping the A frame after the first pole is secured in place. Peter, Colin, Robert, Robbie, Jonathan, Barry and Brian look on as the pole is sunk further into the ground while Des and Jack prepare for the next task. Des, Johnny Cook and Jack take the strain while Jonnie Crawford exhibits his infamous girlie running technique. Robert jigs a guy cable while Barry, Jonathan and Colin add their weight to the pole to sink it further. The second pole is readied for hoisting.
The members of the 'A' team. Brian observes the second lift. Colin, Brian and Robert keep a watchful eye on Robbie working with the angle grinder Johnny analyses the days progress and reports his findings. Robbie takes it to the metal. Robert and Jonny hoisting the A frame at the second site.
Peter and Des demonstrate the perfect 'stand back with folded arms and observe' technique which was widely adopted by all on the day. Brian and Robbie prepare one of the ground anchors. The telegraph pole gets a good drilling. The final result with artistic framing. A perspective on the sheer size of the job achieved.