About us

Founded in 1958 and incorporated as Limited Company NI650140 on 9th January 2018, Meteor Waterski Club Ltd is based on Lough Henney, County Down in Northern Ireland, about 20 minutes drive from Belfast, and is made up of members who share an interest in waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Our lake & boat

The club boasts a private lake to ensure safe and uninterupted skiing for members and visitors. Our world class towboat is in constant use from May to September with an experienced driver on duty every evening during the week and afternoons at the weekend. We now also have a full-time driver during the busy summer months so that members can get out on the water on mid-week afternoons. The lake facilities include national ranking slalom and jump courses for tournament skiers.

And the rest

Our on shore facilities include a permanent club house with changing facilities including hot showers, a lounge area and kitchen area. The clubhouse's lakeside setting is an ideal place to sit, enjoy a barbecue and relax before heading out on the water - there's no better way to unwind on a warm summer evening! The club has all the equipment nessecary for beginner skiers no matter what discipline they choose, including wakeboarding, and there are always members willing to give you a few tips on how to improve. Anually the club host a national ski tournament in early summer as well as the now infamous WakeUp wakeboard event in late summer.